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Considered as the main resource in the service industry, the human resource is one of the key factors for the success of an event.  Human talent is the greatest value of DMC Brazil.

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Helio Brito Jr.

Helio Brito Jr.
"Following my mother's steps I started working in the Tourism area at the age of  18, using technology on my benefit. I started with excel and kept developing my knowledge - from graduation in web technology, to seminars, I love to be up on the latest news regarding business intelligence. 

My "hands-on" spirit always saw the coordination, the incentive projects and big events delivery  with the entrepreneur's eyes, after all every project has a beginning, middle and end.

Following this entrepreneurial instinct, I majored in Business Administration and continued my development in the course of Leadership.

Now I am 41 years old and I am proud of NSNA Social Environmental Viagens e Turismo Ltda - ME, that I founded in 1999, which has already undertaken over 800 corporate events, where I also led the "Formação Viveirista Project", in the slum of Heliopolis ( SP ) and " Project Smile Caiçara " which conducts expeditions on the north coast of São Paulo, providing dental care to isolated communities.

I truly believe on people's natural talent, in easier work thanks to technology and in the benefit of working in a healthy, happy and commited atmosphere.

I wish to those who work with me the same that I want for me : balance between personal and professional life!"

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