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DMC Brazil also wants to contribute for a better world! See the projects we support.

Smile Caiçara Project

DMC Brazil supports expeditions in Ilhabela's isolated communities, on the northern coast of São Paulo, where dentists provide oral health services. It’s a mix of adventure and love to people in needs. The "Sorriso Caiçara”  (Smile Caiçara) Project involves volunteers who have to cross over swaps and rivers, to climb mountains and hills, without leaving any trace behind them in order to preserve the environment! They dare, and help local communities for the pleasure of a new social and environmental adventure !​

Novo Século Nova Atitude

Tourism Carbon Free (policy issues)

*Program specially developed for the Tourism Industry and Corporate Events;
*German methodology for calculating the emissions generated by flights, considering the flight altitude, the average occupancy rate of the routes, type of aircraft and turbine;
*Planting: Audited reporting and monitoring;
*PPA's (Permanent Protection Areas) Coordination, ensuring that the seedlings remain planted by Law;
*IBAMA's Supervision (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources);
*Partnership with the renowned Echo Institute;
​*The program is an important contribution to the recovery of degraded areas, directly impacting on fauna and flora.

Neutralização de Carbono Turismo

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