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The core of a business strategy: hidden challenges and smart solutions. DMC Brazil Corporate Events offers a technology in order to turn data into information.

Business Intelligence

Corporate events are one of the most efficient ways to reinforce the relationship between a brand or product and its audience, a vital part of business strategy. Therefore, companies are increasingly focused on managing the events area, aiming to reduce costs and maximize return on investment (ROI).

Business Inteligence


DMC Performa is a technological tool that provides an intelligent service for event management, available in SAAS format (software as a service), which allows easy access to the event information on real time. This service was developed  by our IT team who keeps updating and improving the tool based on the real needs onsite.
DMC Performa organizes the information of several events in one place, integrating RSVP, logistics, budgets, costs, available a click away -  with internet access, the project (event) can be viewed in any equipment or mobile device such as laptops, tablets, smartphones. This data frame and its easy access enable our customers taking decisions quickly, while optimizing time and resources.

The main benefits that this tool provides to DMC Brazil clients are:

Reduced costs
Operational efficiency
Clear and efficient communication
Accurate information in real time
*Strategic vision
Tecnologia DMC Performa

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