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"We could not avoid giving special thanks to  DMC We managed to exceed everybody's high expectations after Orlando's event!!! And this needs to be underlined, because from the beginning, since our site inspection from the first BID presentation, this has always been our main goal. Thank you for the professionalism, dedication, warmth and energy that you have shown to make everything work!  We are also really thankful to Popa and Mara that have exceeded all the expectations by leading the event... We have no comments, these two were perfect and unforgettable! Please thank all the DMC's internal staff who were somehow involved in this project and also all the coordinators who were hired and were key part of the success of this event... I will not name them because it would be unfair, but please send an email of thanks for all of them. Thank you!"

Rodrigo Cezar
Events & Travel Manager
Produtos Roche Químicos e Farmacêuticos S.A. 

"On behalf of SulAmérica I would like to express my gratitude to DMC Brazil, as well as all people involved in the IV Meeting SulAmérica - Corporate Brokers, for their work and assistance provided from the planning till the end of our event. Our visit to South Africa was widely applauded and we are happy to have a team as professional and focused on results. We recognize the huge effort and great dedication of each one in the achievement  and success of the event. Could not fail to mention my special thanks to Marcio who carried us with great patience and professionalism during the site inspection and throughout the whole event, always with great mood and competence. We will, as soon as possible, meet altogheter to celebrate the success of this event! 
​Thank you!"

Zeca Vieira
Marketing Director
SulAmérica Insurance

"Just in time, I would like to thank the DMC team and especially to you for all your dedication, commitment and efficiency during the event and pre-event. All the details you took care of, in order  to offer us the best,  did make all the difference. I received many compliments on event's organization, thanks to your work. Congratulations to all DMC Brazil staff! Thank you and hope there will be more!"

Débora Regina Talá
Events Manager
Roche Diagnóstica Brasil

"Folks, what a success!!!
Thank you very much for the hard work and dedication of DMC Brazil staff.
Let's go on, there is much more to come!"

Ana Castello
Events Producer

"You were great exactly as we had imagined! Now, it is crystal clear that you really know what you do! This was our first big job - and the tendency is to grow even more!"

Paula Guerra
Santa Cruz Distributor

"Success is not only about selling more. It is to make everything becoming a success.
To me, taking care is everything.

Martin Nelzow
Boehringer Ingelheim do Brasil

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